Downloads: Vendor Registration Form (PDF)

ChiliFest is the West Virginia State Chili Championship sanctioned by the International Chili Society. This year’s event will be the 33rd year of presenting this championship in Huntington. We are proud of the fact that ChiliFest is a fundraising event benefiting the Ronald McDonald House in Huntington. To date we have raised over $488,000.00 for the house. ChiliFest is an event that brings chili cooks from all over the East Coast and the Midwest to compete in salsa, chili verde and traditional red chili. We also provide local groups and organizations to participate in the People’s Choice category, which is awarded to the group that raises the most money for the Ronald McDonald House via chili sample ticket sales.

There is a limited amount of vender space available at ChiliFest for both commercial and non-profit vendors. Commercial vendors selling products are allocated a premium space located along the north-side of 3rd Ave. in front of Pullman Square. The spaces are approximately 15’x10’ and have the availability of electricity. An 8’ table is provided with the space. The cost for the space is $250.00 payable by September 15, 2018 to ChiliFest 2018. Non-profit groups working to distribute information about their organization are allocated space on the south-side of 3rd Ave. between 10th St. and 9th St. There is no charge for non-profit organizations that wish to participate in providing information to the crowd that attends ChiliFest. However electricity is not available on that side of 3rd Ave. unless provided by one of the merchants. No fundraising, selling of products or raffling can take place with non-profits, since ChiliFest is a fundraising event for the Ronald McDonald House only. We do not provide tables to non-profits area, but arrangements can be made for a table to be provided for $25.00. If you are interested in participating as a vendor at this year’s ChiliFest please fill out the form and mail it to the address at the bottom. If you have any questions please contact Ron Smith at (304) 634-4857.