ChiliFest 2017

Saturday, September 9th:

8:00–9:30 am Registration for ChiliFest at Judges Tent
(8th St. & 3rd Ave.)
9:30am All vehicles removed from ChiliFest site
10:00am Cooks meeting at Judging Tent
10:30am Cooks return to start preparation of ingredients and light stoves for Chili Verde
11:00am Coke and beer sales begin
11:00–4:00pm Marshall Health Kids Corner events begin at 9th St. and Pullman Square
11:15am All judges report to Judging Tent area
11:30am National Anthem at Pullman Square Stage
12:00–12:45pm Live Entertainment
12:00pm Salsa turned in at Judging Tent
12:10pm Salsa judging begins
1:00-1:20pm Hot Pepper Eating Contest
1:30–2:15pm Live Entertainment
1:15pm Chili Verde judges report to Judging Tent
1:30pm Chili Verde turned in at Judging Tent
1:35pm Chili Verde judging begins
2:45–3:30pm Live Entertainment
2:45pm ICS Red Chili judges report to Judging Tent
3:00–3:15pm ICS Red Chili turned in to Judging Tent
3:15pm ICS Red Chili judging begins
3:40-4:00pm Beer Drinking Contest
4:00-4:20pm Shot N’ Holler Contest
4:00pm ICS Red Finals Judges report to judging area
4:30–5:20pm Live Entertainment
4:30pm People’s Choice tickets turned in at The Ronald McDonald House Tent
5:30pm Announcement of Winners and drawing for $10,000 Raffle winner at Pullman Square Stage