First Place: First Congregational United Church of Christ Huntington, WV
Second Place: Coal Miners Breakfast, John Opperman Salt Rock, WV
Third Place: Hillbilly Chili, Chris Kimbler Hanging Rock, OH
First Place: Cabell-Huntington Hoop's Family Children's Hospital $7,417
Second Place: Jamie Browning - G-Lovers Chili $4,074
Third Place: Coal Miners Breakfast - John Opperman $2,987
Fourth Place: Sammons-Adams Orthodontics $2,544
Fifth Place: Hillbilly Chili - Chris Kimbler $2,104
Sixth Place: American Health Centers $1,798
Seventh Place: Huntington Physical Therapy / HIT Center $1,423
Eighth Place: First Congregational United Church of Christ $1,375
Ninth Place: Steve Nakano - Marshall Health $1,086
Tenth Place: Black Sheep Burritos $1,072
First Place: Jerry Workman Charleston, WV
Second Place: Brad Berkebile Vermilion, OH
Third Place: Kit Hoff Columbus, OH
First Place: Margie Ohaughnessy Cincinnati, OH
Second Place: Faye Mulligan Lexington, KY
Third Place: Phil Majestro Charleston, WV
First Place: Gail Donovan Milton, WV
Second Place: Brad Berkebile Vermilion OH
Third Place: David Staley Lexington, KY
Fourth Place: Bob Hall Taylorville, IL
Fifth Place: Bill Donovan Cincinnati, OH
John Singleton Logan, WV